Font Licensing


A webfont license allows you to embed the font into your website so that it can be displayed on any browser. Webfonts can be used across multiple websites / domains as long as the websites/domains all belong to the single License Owner, and the pageviews are not exceeded. Agencies responsible for multiple clients’ websites, for example web design agencies or hosting providers, may not share a single webfont license across multiple clients’ websites. Every time the webpage using the webfont kit is loaded (i.e, the webfont kit CSS which holds the @font-face rule is called) the counting system counts a single pageview for each webfont within the webfont kit. This font's webfont license is pay once. You get a monthly pageview allowance for your webfonts. This license does not need to be renewed. For example, if you order a license that covers 10,000 monthly pageviews, you will remain within your license as long as you do not get more than 10,000 views per month. If the website starts getting more traffic, simply place a new order for the additional monthly pageviews you require, as Pay Once webfont pageviews are cumulative.


Electronic publishing, also labeled e-publishing or digital publishing, is the development and publication of e-books, digital magazines, digital libraries, and digital catalogs, all for commercial use. An EPUB file (.epub) is an e-book format that can be downloaded and read on mobile devices, computers, and e-readers. An ePub license authorizes you to embed the font in electronic documents, such as e-books, e-magazines and e-newspapers. Each license is valid for one title only and for the full operating life of that title. An ePub license is based on the number of publications in which the font is used. Each issue or title counts as a separate publication. Regional or format variations don't count as separate publications.

Mobile App:

For embedding in mobile applications. An application (app) is a small, specialized, self-contained program or piece of software designed to provide a specific function to end-users. Android apps run on the Android platform, and are designed for a phone or tablet running an Android OS. iOS apps run natively on Apple platforms, and are designed for a phone or tablet running the Apple iOS. Select this license type when you are developing an app for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, and you will be embedding the font file in your mobile application’s code. This font's app license is pay once and includes unlimited installations of one app title across all platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.


A server license is required for sites, web apps, or services that allow a non-licensed user to utilize the font to create a product (for example, personalized t-shirts, PDF receipts, business cards, and pictures with captions). This is mainly applicable to Web-to-Print Technologies which provide online editing tools used to produce print output. Output materials include, but are not limited to, business cards, invitations, announcements, brochures, stationary, logos, presentations, merchandise, and other commercial for-profit items. This license is valid for one web site. The price is determined by the number of servers on which the font is installed. The font downloaded with this license cannot be used in software as a service (SaaS) application in which the service is the actual product and not the means of providing the product. Server fonts can be installed on a server and used by remote users or automated processes to create items.


Desktop Publishing — (DTP) is the production of electronic and printed documents. For use on a desktop workstation, both personal and professional, in desktop applications with a font menu. Software designed for desktop publishing can compile layouts and produce high-quality text and images comparable to traditional typography and printing. Use the font within desktop applications such as Microsoft Word, Mac Pages, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, etc. Desktop licenses are based on the number of users of the fonts. Any use other than Desktop will require additional licensing.

Additional Licensing:

For additional licensing (Video games, Web-to-Print Technologies, OEM Licensing, Social Media, Motion Pictures, Operating Systems, etc.) please contact Phil’s Fonts via email at or via phone 301-879-9222.

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