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Deja Rip (OpenType)

 | 4 font(s) | $139.00 | 

Foundry: Anatoletype | SKU: AN000004X1 | D = Immediate Download

DejaRip is a contemporary, neutral, all-purpose sans-serif. It is modest and inconspicuous thanks to its basic, natural shapes; yet it lends a remarkable sense of clarity and accuracy to the overall design. DejaRip was originally designed for a mobile phone interface. Although it was eventually developed into a much more versatile family, DejaRip remains particularly readable on screen. The DejaRip family is an ideal solution for corporate design. DejaRip's extended character set includes support for the Unicode Latin Extended A and B, as well as full support of Cyrillic.

Deja Rip Regular (OpenType)  |   $40.00  |  

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Deja Rip Italic (OpenType)  |   $40.00  |  

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Deja Rip Bold (OpenType)  |   $40.00  |  

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Deja Rip Bold Italic (OpenType)  |   $40.00  |  

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