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Scritta Nuova

 | 3 font(s) | $60.00 | 

Foundry: Anatoletype | SKU: AN000008X1 | D = Immediate Download

Scritta Nuova was born to transpose my personal handwriting and evolved today into a smart typeface that maintains the original feel with improved legibility and visual balance.

The steady rhythm and roundness of Scritta Nuova give the impression of a smooth, girlish and gentle writing.

It also evokes retro calligraphic styles taught in Italian schools around the 1950s, which might have influenced in one way or another my original handwriting. Note that the capital letters can be nicely set next to each other without overlapping, unlike script typefaces with swashy capitals created as initials.

Scritta Nuova Black  |   $24.00  |  

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Scritta Nuova Bold  |   $24.00  |  

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Scritta Nuova Regular  |   $24.00  |  

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