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JY Tranquility

 -  6 font(s) | $149.00 | 

Available Format(s): OpenType (OTF)

Foundry: J Y & A Fonts | SKU: JY000019X1 | View License | D = Immediate Download

A tranquil and formal seriffed type family, JY Tranquility is ideal for text applications. It is ased on Renaissance type forms.

JY Tranquility Pro Roman  |   $29.00  |  

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JY Tranquility Pro Italic  |   $29.00  |  

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JY Tranquility Pro Demi  |   $29.00  |  

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JY Tranquility Pro Demi Italic  |   $29.00  |  

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JY Tranquility Pro Bold  |   $29.00  |  

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JY Tranquility Pro Bold Italic  |   $29.00  |  

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