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Charlotte Serif

 | 5 font(s) | $150.00 | 

Available Format(s): Mac PostScript | Win PostScript | TrueType

Foundry: Letraset | SKU: LE000048X1 | D = Immediate Download

Although designer Michael Gills was influenced by 18th century French type designer Pierre-Simon Fournier, Charlotte is best described as a modern roman typeface. Its clean cut style, accentuated by a strong vertical stress and unbracketed serifs, exudes an authoritative tone, guaranteeing its effectiveness for almost all text setting applications, but especially where a formal unmannered appearance is desired. Charlotte benefits from the existence in the Fontek range of a sans serif version of the family in which each variant is matched in both color and style.

Charlotte Book  |   $40.00  |  

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Charlotte Book Italic  |   $40.00  |  

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Charlotte Medium  |   $40.00  |  

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Charlotte Bold  |   $40.00  |  

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Charlotte Small Caps  |   $40.00  |  

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