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Megaphone Pro Suitcase 1 (OpenType)

 | 4 font(s) | $200.00 | 

Foundry: Red Rooster | SKU: RR000236X1 | D = Immediate Download

Steve Jackaman and Ashley Muir. It was our initial intention to develop a suitable lowercase for Les Usherwood's 'Elston' typeface, based on a few characters from an old German typeface called Hermes Grotesque (Woellmer, Berlin). The new design became ÔCreightonÕ. Then, for good measure we decided to experiment with a 'crisper version' of this design; the result is 'Megaphone'.

Megaphone Pro Regular (OpenType)  |   $60.00  |  

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Megaphone Pro Bold (OpenType)  |   $60.00  |  

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Megaphone Pro Regular Italic (OpenType)  |   $60.00  |  

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Megaphone Pro Bold Italic (OpenType)  |   $60.00  |  

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