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Bodoni Egyptian Pro Basic Family (OpenType)

 | 4 font(s) | $149.00 | 

Foundry: ShinnType | SKU: SH000039X1 | D = Immediate Download

Beneath the dominant signifier of identity, a surprising dimension of Bodoni is revealedÑits core architecture, stripped of the famous high contrast cloak. Further subverting typographic norms, a monoline of even width (in all but the heaviest weights) here describes capitals, lower case, and serifs. And yet a certain quaintness is evident; this is, after all, both deconstruction and historical fiction.

Bodoni Egyptian Pro Regular (OpenType)  |   $39.00  |  

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Bodoni Egyptian Pro Regular Italic (OpenType)  |   $39.00  |  

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Bodoni Egyptian Pro Bold (OpenType)  |   $39.00  |  

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Bodoni Egyptian Pro Bold Italic (OpenType)  |   $39.00  |  

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