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Bonsai Italic

 | 1 font(s) | $29.00 | 

Available Format(s): OpenType (PostScript-flavored with .otf extensions) | OpenType (TrueType-flavored with .ttf extensions)

Foundry: Three Islands Press | SKU: TP00000502 | D = Immediate Download

The name "Bonsai" seemed appropriate for two reasons: the face's source of inspiration -- some top-heavy type I found in an old handbook on bonsai from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden -- and its characters' resemblance, however vague, to the ancient miniature trees of Japan. When used in text blocks, Bonsai accurately replicates the look of a letterpress job struck with overused lead type. The face works well at either small point sizes or in display situations. Bonsai has two styles, a roman and a true italic; both have full character sets. The OpenType release adds true small caps, old-style and lining figures, numerous ligatures, and Central/Eastern European alphabets.
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