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Old Man Eloquent Regular

 | 1 font(s) | $29.00 | 

Available Format(s): OpenType (PostScript-flavored with .otf extensions) | OpenType (TrueType-flavored with .ttf extensions)

Foundry: Three Islands Press | SKU: TP00001601 | D = Immediate Download

Old Man Eloquent simulates the handwriting of John Quincy Adams, the second President of The United States, in pages of his diary circa 1810. Adams kept a diary from 1779, when he was a boy, until 1848, the year he died -- a span nearly 70 years. His fairly dense, compact penmanship was quite legible and had a sort of scholarly feel to it. The OpenType release of Old Man Eloquent has nearly 800 glyphs, including alternate uppercase characters, numerous ligatures, old-style and lining figures, and Central/Eastern European alphabets; other formats contain several substitute common (English) words. It's our first historical penmanship font with both regular and bold weights (although for authenticity's sake we don't recommend using both in the same text block). The font's name comes from an appelation Adams's colleagues in Congress bestowed upon him in the years following his presidency for his long, masterful speeches opposing slavery.
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