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Globe Gothic from Lanston Type Company
Phil's Fonts, Inc. Madre Script from TypeFolio Archive Harlem Title from ArchiveType
Dylan Copperplate from Wiescher Design
Phil's Fonts, Inc.
Freight Sans Compressed from GarageFonts
JY Shapa from Jack Yan and Associates
Basel Neue from Isac Rodrigues
Freight Pro Series from GarageFonts
Freight Big Pro from GarageFonts
Freight Display Pro from GarageFonts
Freight Text Pro from GarageFonts
Freight Micro Pro from GarageFonts
Freight Macro Pro from GarageFonts
Freight Sans Pro from GarageFonts
Freight Sans Condensed Pro from GarageFonts
Freight Sans Compressed Pro
Freight Neo Pro
Free Fonts! Freight Macro Pro Light
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Fonts used: Headline - Freight Sans Compressed Pro Bold

Phil's Fonts has been in the type business for over 30 years. The company evolved from one of the most well known and respected photolettering studios in the typesetting industry, Phil's Photo. Since 1990 Phil's Fonts has been distributing fonts from large and small foundries. The current selection offers over 100,000 fonts from type foundries and designers worldwide.

Need custom designs? Phil's Fonts also specializes in creating custom typeface designs. Whether you need fonts for corporate identity, new products, magazine redesigns or for simple or complex licensing, Phil's Fonts can help solve your type issues.

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